The first thing I noticed when i saw this photo of Jessica Alba out in Beverley Hills yesterday was how much crap she was carrying, the second was that gorgeous headband she’s wearing. It really adds a bit of umph to what would have otherwise been a fairly average outfit. The high street is full of gorgeous alice bands and headresses this year, every girl should have a few in her drawer ready to add that essential bit of detail to any outfit.

Crystal-Embellished Hairband £14.00 from NET-A-PORTER.COM
Sido 20s Style Sequin Headband £19.00 from PRETAPORTOBELLO.COM (worn by Dannii Minogue)
Woven Plait Headband £2.00 from MISSSELFRIDGE.COM
Velvet Chain Headband £3.50 from FOREVER21.COM



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