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At last someone has come along and saved our fashion soul! It’s been a full week since we saw an outfit worth posting about. We should have known our saviour would be Cheryl. She never lets us down! Chezza is currently stateside for work and we always feel she steps things up in the style […]

The gorgeous Cheryl Cole was spotted leaving London’s Mayfair Hotel last night, wearing a lovely jumper dress. I love them, so easy to dress up or down. You can wear them alone, like Chezza or with leggings or tights. It’s all down to you, personally I would have added a bangle or two to bring […]

People always assume Cheryl Cole is the fashionista of Girls Aloud, true but she’s also very styled. Nicola Roberts on the other hand is beginning to shine through in her own right. In the past she’s been very unfairly nick named ‘the ugly one’ or the ‘the pale one’, the latter of which she’s now […]