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Rihanna’s style has always been iffy to me, I really do prefer her when she’s not trying too hard. Casual Rihanna always suceeds in my opinion. Check out this older candid of Rihanna wearing the simple combination of denim shorts, and a cute Mickey Mouse vest. We love it!! The perfect, simple, easy to wear […]

We all know the 80’s are back in a big way, and the best bit is SHOULDER PADS. Yes, really. If you haven’t re-embraced this trend yet you’re falling behind in the fashion stakes. Break all those vows you made in 1994 to never wear them again and take on this season must have look […]

Rihanna arriving in London ahead of her performance on The X Factor this weekend … we wonder what she’ll wear?! In the meantime get her amazing casual ‘just stepped of the plane’ look (no, we don’t look like this when we’ve just got off a plane either) for much less than she probably paid! WORK […]