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I must start off my first post of 2010 with an apology for being away over the holiday season. I needed the break and i’ve enjoyed myself but it’s back to business and here’s a little run down of what I reckon 2010 is all about NAUTICAL NUDE PINKS LACE WOODEN HEELS MORE MILITARY/CIRCUS STYLES […]

Wow! I have just discovered the SocialVibe widget on here, what an amazing idea as you can see to the right of this blog there is now an advert that you can click to help raise day’s worth treatment for people suffering from AIDS/HIV … this now gives me so much more drive to make […]



Are you the kind of woman who sits watching Cheryl Cole every saturday night with pure envy of her amazing style, or turns the pages of your Vogue magazine with a feeling of despair because your bank account just doesn’t allow you to purchase the 100’s of designer labels you’re being bombarded with? … if […]